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My Mission

To serve you ethically and with the highest of standards, through, education, personal empowerment, and love. To always stand in my honor as a practitioner and be a clear conduit of healing energy.

About Tantra

The Tantric Relationship

I have been a teacher of the Tantric art of conscious loving and healing for over a decade, and I still continue to learn. Tantra is not an act, something I do, but rather a way in which I live my life. We have associated Tantra with open relationships and polyamorous couples. This has nothing to do with Tantra. Tantra has is not about being polyamorous or monogamous. The deepest I have gotten into my personal Tantra practice was when I made a conscious choice to be in a deep loving relationship with myself. Loving oneself is sometimes the hardest of all.

What is Tantra

Most People are unclear about what Tantra really is and what it can do for you. Probably the most common view is that Tantra has some connection with Oriental religion, with uninhibited sex, and with the lovemaking positions and techniques outlined in the Kama Sutra, Hinduism’s oldest sex manual. To some, Tantra is a free-love cult, a survival of the psychedelic sixties; to others, it’s New Age spiritual sex therapy.

None of these views of Tantra are wrong outright, but none really explain what Tantra actually is. So what is Tantra? What does it mean? And, most important of all, what is its relevance to us today?

The Tantric Relationship

A Tantric relationship is one in which both partners live their lives according to Tantric philosophy: choosing to see, love, and honor each other as the embodiment of their best selves - invoking the highest spiritual enlightenment in one another, consciously creating their lives and union based on unconditional love, mutual support, allowing, and receiving. Their choices are based on the highest expressions of loving, pleasure, and freedom, while supporting each other's spiritual journeys, growth and joy as much as they can! It is putting God front and center in our love making

Some Definitions of Tantra

Because Tantra is a mystical subject, it is nearly impossible to define. Even eminent scholars have had a hard time explaining what Tantra actually is. The different explanations of Tantra indicate its multifaceted nature. Tantra is a spiritual science, which means it is also mystical, in its interconnectedness, the holistic wisdom link between ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

By embracing Tantra, we become more “real,” more “complete.” How? By recognizing and stimulating our inherent sensual spirituality, we discover parts of ourselves that have remained asleep or have been repressed. With Tantra, an energy is released that is evolutionary and “upwardly motivated.” We can learn to use this energy for pleasure, for achieving our worldly goals, and for aiding our spiritual evolution.

Familiarity with Tantra can help a person to enjoy life to the fullest. It can help do away with guilt or fear, break down self imposed or limiting cultural boundaries, and guide us in our search for solutions. Tantra teaches us to become familiar with our mystical nature, and when we do so, our boundaries expand. We enter into new domains of awareness. We become empowered, more fulfilled, and more perfect.

Tantra has been well tested over thousands of years, not in worldly laboratories but in the laboratories of the human body, by Yogi scientists and Tibetan Lamas who were not driven by commerce but by the earnest desire for spiritual knowledge and liberation. Their observations and insights have been passed down to us.

Tantra Coaching

Tantra for life, love, business, recovery and spirituality

My Tantra coaching is just like any other type of coaching. You have a goal you wish to attain and I have the tools to assist you to get there. I cannot get there for you; you are the one who has to do the work.
You could desire to get more empowered with your life, or work on being more effective at communicating, have a better relationship, do better in a sport, anything really. We can coach on anything, not just sex or spiritual matters, though those are on the table as well. My job is to help you assess where your education lacks or weakness is, or sticking points lay and then give you the tools, techniques and encouragement so you can be successful. As a very experienced life strategist, who has trained CEO’s, athletes, couples, men and women,, business owners, entertainers, I am able and ready to get you going, using very unique techniques from ancient times as well as new brain science I use techniques from Classical Tantra, and my own modern day Tantra techniques, as well as a whole treasure chest of other modalities. All programs are customized for you so please drop me an email and we can set up a 30 Minute Discovery session no charge so we can figure out exactly how to get you the results you need. Get Your Free Consultation

Men ~ Women ~ Couples

Men Coaching :

I like working with men because I honestly believe men want to be honorable, compassionate, loving, strong, sexual, authentic, and love to see the woman they love happy and smiling. Unfortunately many men do this at the expense of their happiness and truth. A lot of men are perplexed by the fact women who fall in love with them as they are want the man to change once in a serious relationship.
Frankly there is a lot of confusion around relationships, sex, what it is to be a good man or even a man for that matter, what the heck women really want, how to get one, how to keep one happy, or how to be happy without one. I do know one thing for sure, most men want to be successful at whatever they are doing, and I find helping them get there very rewarding.

Life :

One on one coaching (Skype/One on One) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, removing old programming that keeps you stuck, relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, conscious masculinity, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, recovering from illness and surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome.

Sex :

One on one coaching (Skype/One on One) Ejaculation disorders (PE ED DE) recovering from prostate treatment/surgery, sexual inexperience, learning about women, sexual addiction issues, sexual confidence, sexual skills, gender issues, infidelity, aging, revive sex life, sexual abuse, sexless relationship help, intimacy.

Women Coaching :

Ladies, so excited to see you here, welcome. What an exciting time we live in, with all the opportunities we have. We have the choice to empower ourselves and the resources to do it. No matter what age range you fall into, you know as well as I do that taking care of yourself, living in pleasure, finding your purpose and electrifying your sex life are all key. And that is whether you are single or partnered.
When I talk about your sex life I am also talking about your WHOLE life. We are sexual beings; our bodies are designed for pleasure, creativity, birthing (babies, ideas, businesses). We hold the universe in our womb, we are powerful, beautiful and we are here to help the planet feel and heal, in all the ways we do it.
I would be honored to assist you in your healing, your journey, your empowerment or anything else you desire. All you need to do is decide why you came here, and what path you want to take the first step upon.

Life :

One on one coaching (Skype/One on One) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, removing old programming that keeps you stuck, relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, conscious femininity, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, recovering from illness and surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome.

Sex :

One on one coaching (Skype/One on One) Orgasm disorders, arousal issues, recovering from female related treatment/surgery, sexual inexperience, learning about men, fertility, sexual addiction issues, sexual confidence, sexual skills, gender issues, infidelity, aging, sex and menopause, revive sex life, sexual abuse, sexless relationship help.

Tantra and Couples :

Why I love to work with couples?

Couples are a real treat, and I have worked with many over the years privately and in workshops. It is so awesome to get the masculine and feminine to understand each other to use eyes of compassion and get techniques and tools that create progressive moment into a place that benefit both. Some come to me in trouble, others come to me to deepen an already great relationship and others just because they are curious.
I love to create a container that allows each to feel heard and to feel safe to speak of what they need and want. I love to give techniques so each can see where they can step up and be the one to help heal hurts they have caused and to really see the love and caring from each other.
Move out of stalemate and into creating successes and each catching each other creating success. I enjoy passing along all my knowledge about couples dynamics, sex, intimacy and the special exercises that are so very powerful some can make amazing things happen the very first appointment.
It is so incredible and humbling to be allowed to assist in transforming a couple’s relationship, whether they were in trouble or making sure they had all the tools to keep them out of trouble. It is especially beneficial when couples see me early on before they add layers on top of layers, but most couples wait at least 7 years after they start to have problems to get help.
Alas I typically get couples after they have “tried everything” and I am a last resort. Of course that adds an extra dimension to the event. They are frustrated, exhausted, hopeless, distant, scared, and preparing for the worst. Sometimes only one of the partners comes to work on issues and I will tell you that this can change your dynamic as well, so if your partner is stuck, you can go ahead and help your relationship do not feel helpless.


If you are like most, you are confused. Everyone has all these beautiful phrases and writings but quite frankly, it is hard for the everyday person to understand what exactly is Tantric healing. Many refer to it as sexual healing. You can be dealing with blockages that cause low sex drive, low self esteem or sexual dysfunctions.
I am what you call a “Spiritual Based” Tantrika, I work in spirit. In over ten years I have never had two sessions be the same. My breath changes, my touch changes, but for some reason it ends up being exactly what it is suppose to be.
Most of my sessions are focused on shifting of the Kundalini energy and balancing the Chakras. Once your Kundalini is shifted and moved you will experience heightened states of awareness, a state of being that most describe as “indescribable”. It is not just physical pain the body feels that is healed in Tantra healing; even the emotional scars the person sustains in his or her lifetime are soothed and melted away. Tantric healing also opens a person to unity on a spiritual level with the world around him or her.
In session you will learn to move out of your head and into your body. There is no magic; you will learn to become more aware. You will be not only more aware of your being, but also your partners. The only request I have is, you come with an open mind, body and spirit.
If this is what you seek you have many options as to whom you choose as your teacher,your mentor and your healer. It would be my honor to start you on your journey and help facilitate life changing results.

Certified Spiritual Sex Educator, Tantra & Intimacy Coach

Sometimes we just want more—something deeper and more profound—in our lives, yet we don’t know how to find it. Goddess Renee is a spiritual teacher, healer, and intimacy coach dedicated to helping others discover greater meaning in their lives. With her delicate humor and enthusiasm, she opens doors for others to find greater intimacy and joy in every area of their lives.

She is a certified spiritual sexual educator, Tantra educator, and intimacy coach with over ten years of experience. Having worked and studied with countless self-acclaimed modern day gurus, she feels she has gained most of her knowledge from her spirit guides. While blending shamanism, Native American, and both eastern and western world teachings, she is gifted in schooling others with a generous dose of sensitivity and wisdom that creates a relaxed atmosphere for those typically uncomfortable with the “taboo” subject of sex.

Also a full-time practicing shaman medicine woman with a given shaman name of Rainbow Water Healing Woman, her expertise in natural herbal healing for sexual wellbeing is unparalleled to others. And her tremendous passion for sacred sexuality, sexual healing, and Tantra overflows into those who attend her courses and share private healing sessions. Goddess Renee is dedicated to ensuring that she deeply connects with men, women, and couples who are sincere in the desires to grow and transform. She truly finds joy in helping others unravel their deepest desires and increase their full potential while finding a life they never deemed possible. Goddess Renee is passionate about life and helping others live deeply, fully, and joyfully.



Introduction to Tantra 3 Hours $400

Follow Up Sessions 2 Hours $300


Consultation and Healing Session
1.5 to 2 Hours $200

Follow Up Sessions 1.5 Hours $150


Introduction To Tantra
2.5 to 3.5 Hours $450 and Up

Words of Gratiude

I crossed paths with Goddess Renee’ at one of the darkest times of my life. I had become full time caretaker for my wife at earlier than expected age. I survived a 1.5 year battle with prostate cancer. I was lost, empty and depressed. Everything that was in my life was no longer. She listened, she had compassion and she brought healing to my mind, body and soul. I call her my angel on earth.

~J.C. New Orleans, La~

We had a beautiful 6 yr marriage but both knew something was missing. We started our search for a Tantra coach and found Goddess Renee’. She made us feel so comfortable and her knowledge, warmth, and humor won us over. She made us feel so relaxed, like long lost friends.

~The Simmons Dallas, Tx~

My entire sex life as an adult had been overshadowed by the sexual abuse I had suffered as a young girl. I had many failed relationships and had come to realize I would carry my wounds to my grave. Then walks in Goddess Renee’. When I entered her healing space it is like I could see and feel the angles presence. I am still on my path to becoming whole but I have come a very long way thanks to my Goddess and my friend Renee’

~A.S. New Orleans, La~

I was coming out of a 19 year failed marriage when I reached out to Goddess Renee’. How do you jump back out into the world with all the baggage? I was a broken man with no self-esteem. I had also fought P.E. my entire life, which did not help self-esteem issues. Her teachings we a God send. I feel like I am a whole man again ready to give 100 percent to my next partner.

~P.T. Jacksonville, Fl.~

If you ever have an opportunity to work with Goddess Renee’ I promise you that your life will change or should I say your outlook on life will change. I was unhappy, angry and stressed man. I have become a better person, husband, father and friend. I can never thank her enough.

~W.G. New Orleans~

I had no idea what to expect when I schedule my Introductory Schedule with Goddess Renee’. I had heard and read so much on Tantra I had become confused. I will say that it exceeded my expectations 10 fold. She is right when she tells you it is hard to describe. There are no words to describe what transpired and how after my first session. I left much with her that day and feel I lost 20 pounds of baggage.

~T.C. Houston, Texas~

There are people who say they teach Tantra then there is Goddess Renee’. I had been to three other so called Tantra experts over the last several years but nothing prepared me for what I learned and the healing I received from Goddess Renee’. I truly was a broken man. I was facing some of the most difficult times of my life. She helped me see things through a set of different eyes and assume responsibility for my health. Thank the Goddesses for loaning her to us.

~A.F. New Jersey~

Where do I start? I was in a sexless marriage, I had gained 20 pounds, I had no self-esteem. My husband and I rarely talked. It was by a chance meeting I crossed paths with my beloved Goddess, who has now become a dear friend. She loved me unconditionally and she has brought much healing to me as a whole. I now feel whole and feel like a vibrant woman. I could not imagine my life without her in it.

~R.W. New Orleans.~

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