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Goddess Renee' is a certified sexual healer and tantra practionar.

Indivdual Coaching


Sacred Sexuality and Tantra Coaching

Renee' is a certified life and relationship coach and a trained sacred sexuality coach. She also brings her professional expertise as a herbal medicine woman,  certified tantra practionar to her work of creating a sacred and safe space within which individuals or couples can learn to integrate sexuality and spirituality into their everyday lives.

At its highest and best, sexuality is an expression of reverence, of our ability to love.  Our sexuality is no longer limited to the genitals but is expanded into a passionate and loving response to the world.  This sexual energy connects us to our soul – that mysterious, positive, powerful force at the core of our being that calls us to dive deeper into life, to discover who and what we really are.

And it starts with you.  Renee' will work with you, to trust in you – your body, your senses, your goodness – she will coach you on how to transform your sexual energy into a connection to the Divine.  Moving beyond emotional “blocks” such as unresolved internal conflicts, unexpressed feelings toward your partner, or fear of intimacy, is her specialty.  Whether you are experiencing difficulty in achieving orgasm, maintaining erections, reconciling differences in sexual desire, or simply feeling in a rut with your partner, Renee' is your go-to person for sexual and loving transformation.

Renee' offers her services through face-to-face or group workshops. She will  focus on and the vision you have for your sexual and spiritual relationship.

Tantra massage coaching for individuals or couples

Goddess Renee' travels Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and New Jersey teaching tantra to couple.

Couple Coaching


Coaching for partners who want to go deep!

For committed couples who wish to enrich the sacredness of their sexuality. It will be an experiential “how-to” session for partners to connect with the integrity and enthusiasm of their whole-body sexuality.

Not only will you learn new modalities of communication and touch that you can practice together, you will also cultivate the feeling of gratitude for one another that will take your orgasmic expression to a whole other level. When we are congruent with the richness of our orgasmic life energy, there is no limit to our potential to create the environment that we really want. Ultimately, each and every one of us is a change agent for more joy peace and pleasure in the wide world!

Bring your energy and intentions for transformation, and together we will manifest a sacred space of appreciation and trust. Explore, discover, and BE the passionate and loving presence that you are, with your partner and all of life!

Coaching Session will be created to meet your personal needs as a couple. We will all three discuss prior to session. 

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