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Goddess Renee' with Art of Tantra works with men, women and couples.

Goddess Renee'


Sometimes we just want more—something deeper and more profound—in our lives, yet we don’t know how to find it. Renee is a spiritual teacher, healer, and intimacy coach dedicated to helping others discover greater meaning in their lives. With her delicate humor and enthusiasm, she opens doors for others to find greater intimacy and joy in every area of their lives.

She is a certified sexual healer, Tantra educator, and intimacy coach with over twelve years of experience. Having worked and studied with countless self-acclaimed modern day gurus, she feels she has gained most of her knowledge from her spirit guides. While blending shamanism, Native American, and both eastern and western world teachings, she is gifted in schooling others with a generous dose of sensitivity and wisdom that creates a relaxed atmosphere for those typically uncomfortable with “taboo” subjects.

Also a full-time practicing shaman medicine woman with a given shaman name of Rainbow Water Healing Woman, her expertise in natural herbal healing for sexual well being is unparalleled to others. And her tremendous passion for sacred sexuality, sexual healing, and Tantra overflows into those who attend her courses. When people attend these courses they are always left wanting more as Renee is dedicated to ensuring that she deeply connects with men, women, and couples who are sincere in the desires to grow and transform. 

Renee truly finds joy in helping others unravel their deepest desires and increase their full potential while finding a life they never deemed possible. She is passionate about life and helping others live deeply, fully, and joyfully.

Make sure you follow her fall/winter 2018 travel schedule.

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Each session starts with consultation so we move forward with an open mind, body and spirit to receive the most from your session. 

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$150 Hr 3 Hr Minimum

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